Vojin M.
3D modeling in SolidWorks
University of Belgrade
A young and motivated engineer who holds a Master’s degree in Welding engineering from the University of Belgrade. I am skilled in Microsoft project and AutoCAD SolidWorks. Mentioned below are some of the several welding technology related projects I worked on during my bachelors and Master’s studies:

  • Welding technology repairs

The main objective of this project was to repair cracks in segments of diaphragms.
Project description: The choice of reparation welding.

  • Welded joints quality control

The subject of this project was the characterization of welded joints faults.
Project description: it focused on metallographic samples (boiler tube faults detection) and visual testing of welded joints on test plates

  • The technology of welding

This project involved creating a WPS list
Project Description: Collect a complete documentation by creating a WPS.

Servando B.
Certified Engineer in SolidWorks
University of Noreste
I am pursuing a course in Industrial engineering, specializing in oil and gas areas. I got my certification on SolidWorks with 244 points out of 250 (98%)

Logan K.
Designer in CAD
University of Wisconsin
A self-motivated guy who is highly efficient and get things done quickly. I can assist you withany premium version of the SolidWorks software.

Mohammed M.
SolidWorks designer
University of Manchester
 I have a degree in mechanical engineering. I am equipped with skills in mechanical design and using the SolidWorks software. I can handle projects related to Finite element analysis, motion, and standard product design in 3D model. I have amassed a 4-year experience in the practical use of the SolidWorks software.

Matmean L.
Certified in Abaqus, CATIA, and SolidWorks
Auckland University
I am a Ph.D. holder who is now developing a new knee implant. I have intensive knowledge and experience in using engineering software. I have used CATIA for 8 years now and SolidWorks for 3 years. I am available to put my skills to use and assist you with all your projects.

Imran A.
Certified SolidWorks Associate
University of Monash
I am still a student studying Mechanical Engineering and also a certified SolidWorks Associate. I am experienced in working on group projects which involved designing and modifying various structures.

Frank J. Gomez R.
Mechanical Engineering student/ inventor/Draftsman/ AutoCAD/SolidWork
I am a mechanical engineering student from UNEXPO. I specialize in AutoCAD 2D and 3D with Autodesk designs international certification, Inventor, Bachelor of Science and SolidWorks. I possess qualities such as teamwork, working under pressure, responsibility, punctuality, willingness to learn and being organized. Tell me your dreams and I will draw them for you!

Smit S.
Assembly and 3D modeling in SolidWorks
Sayreville University
I am a 3 D artist who is acquainted with mechanical design. I am highly qualified and have expertise in areas of SolidWorks such as CAD documentation, sheet metal, 3 D modeling, weldments, assembly and AutoCAD (2D).
I can help you transform your creative ideas into actionable plans using AutoCAD and SolidWork. I am very innovative and accurate in my work. I guarantee you of the highest quality service.

Ferid S.
Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Design Engineer, Modelling, PCB design.
Laval University
I am a certified 3D modeling expert who has over 25 years of experience in 3D modeling with SolidWorks and Mechanical designing, AutoCAD and Cinema 4D platforms. I also have qualifications in Mechanical/Electronic Design Engineering and PCB design. I am well-versed with Altium, CadSoft Eagle, KiCad and DipTrace which I use for my PCB designs. I have developed several heavy and light industrial products which are related to 3D models. Most of these products required presentation, simulation, final reports, calculation of tension and proper function of the movable parts. My main goal is to provide you with a precise, trustworthy, accurate and reliable assistance with 3D model or Mechanical designs.

Artsiom S.
Manufacturing Engineering, CAD designer, and SolidWork.
Minsk University

I am very passionate about assisting students and I try as much as possible to develop constantly. I am at your service to solve all your difficult problems. I have immense experience and a strong point in the following areas:

  • Sheet metal – DXF
  • 3D modeling – PRT
  • Assembly and detailing – ASM
  • Manufacturing 2D drawings –DRW
  • 3D modeling for 3D printing – STL

I always give my best shot when handling any project.

Leo L.
Mechanical Engineer
Mississauga University
I am a highly qualified Mechanical Engineer with unquestionable skills in SolidWorks and data entry in Excel.

Md Esharuzzaman E.
AutoCAD Plant 3D expert, SolidWorks certified, NavisWork.
Flagstaff University
I can create a full 3D model of a chemical plant from a given process and instrumentation. I can help you create fabricationable drawings (orthographic isometrics) and bill generation of materials for the whole plant. I have skills in the use of NavisWork which is often used to navigate the modeled plant. Contact me if you need help with mechanical designs and SolidWorks.

Khaled I.
AutoCAD/2D-3D design/ SolidWork/ Mechanical Design Engineer.
Cairo University
I am an experienced mechanical engineer and team leader. I can do 2D and 3D designs, assembly, large-scale projects and shop drawings. I am an expert in SolidWorks and AutoCAD. I speak both English and Arabic. Moreover, I also have fair skills in Autodesk Maya, aftereffects, Zbrush, video editing and Photoshop.

Lazar T.
Fusion 360/SolidWork/AutoCAD/C.
Gevgelija University
I have practical 2 years working experience in Mechanical engineering and AutoCAD. I have gained great knowledge of SolidWork, C, Fusion 360 and many more during this time.

Dan D.
A/V engineer/drafter/SolidWork.
Elmhurst University
I have gained valuable knowledge in both A/V and SolidWorks. During this time, I have also acquired new sets of skills and techniques which are needed for any type of job. I provide students with a platform where I can integrate my skills into their projects.

  • Experience in SolidWorks

I have one and a half years of experience in the practice and use of this software. I can handle projects related to design and manufacture which emphasizes on designing products around in-house manufacturing methods. I can create parts drawings for hand manufacture and files for CNC plasma cutting of parts as well.

  • Experience in A/V

I boast of over 10 years’ experience in live audio, mixing, setup, road construction cases, simple part replacement to light welding repairs, crew management in both warehouse and on-site setting and the management of inventory.

Santos R.
AutoCAD design
University of Chicago
 I am a certified SolidWorks associate with intensive knowledge in Sheet metal and weldments. I can help you out with 3D models, drawings, SolidWorks design and CNC Programming. I have two years’ experience in both laser and turrer operator. I am bilingual, I speak both Spanish and English. I am also proficient with Microsoft word and excel.

Nedzim O.
Realistic pictures/ creating 3D models/ Technical documentation
University of Kakanj
I am pursuing a Master’s program in Mechanical engineering. I have skills in the following areas:

  • CATIA and 3D modeling in SolidWorks
  • Technical documentation development
  • Making of realistic videos and pictures

Jose Juan Dominguez L.
Mechanical Engineer
University of Guyana
I am a SolidWorks machine designer with three years’ experience in Mechanical maintenance and two years in mechanical cost calculate.

Boopalan N.
CAD designer
University of Warsaw
I am acquainted with 3D modeling of SolidWorks, NX, Catia V5. I offer assistance in moldings of complicated parts and assemblies as per your project. I am in the final year of my Aerospace engineering degree program. Looking forward to providing you with the best service.

Sole M.
Senior 3D designer
University of Transylvania
I have a master’s degree in product design and environmental sustainability. I have also graduated with a specialty of Mechatronics from the University of Transylvania. I grasp knowledge faster and can adjust quickly to new incoming projects. Get in touch if you are a design engineer and needs help with 3D modeling in SolidWorks.

Eric K.
Student of Mechanical Engineering
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
I am experienced in SolidWorks’ 3D modeling. Also familiar with MS Office Pro.

Eduard S.
Mechanical Engineer
University of Ufa
I am highly experienced in 3D modeling working with programs such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, KOMPAS-3D and the DEFORM-3D.

Eduard S.
Mechanical Engineer
University of Ufa
I am highly experienced in 3D modeling working with programs such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, KOMPAS-3D and the DEFORM-3D.

Giorgi L.
Mechanical engineering fresh graduate
Budapest University
I am a fresh graduate of mechanical engineering. I am backed with concrete theoretical and practical knowledge of mechanics. I have experience in using SolidWorks and CATIA for 3D modeling and simulation software like Ansys and MATLAB. I used both SolidWorks and Ansys CFX during my master thesis to design a cooling system.

 Taylor B.
CAD operator
Stone Mountain
I am a certified SolidWorks Associate who is currently working on getting professional certification by the end of the next month. I have knowledge in working with SolidWorks and AutoCAD (2D and 3D). I can draft a finishing drawing for preliminary drawing and preliminary notes. I am also familiar with programming languages such as JAVA, DATABASE, and C++.

Riley K.
Mechanical Engineer
The University of Texas
I have worked as a designer in the start-up environments domain for 8 years. I have 15 years of experience in the use of SolidWorks both in and out of college. This has enabled me to acquire my own copies of the software, both SolidWorks simulation pro, and SolidWorks premium. I cannot only design a full CAD model but can also perform FEA simulations to determine strength. I have valuable 5 years hands-on manufacturing experience in designing and building an equipment. My expertise ranges from hydraulic power sources to welding robots to large scale, high precision jigs. This experience and knowledge have given me great insight into how to design things so that they can be built easily.
I can create basic CAD models which are based on sketches and produce files like STEP, DXF, DWG or any other that may be needed for manufacturing purposes. I can also help you with your ground-up design of a project including all engineering work and part sourcing.
I strive to achieve the best solution as soon as possible for the project at hand. I am very detailed and design with both the final assembly and aesthetics in mind. This ensures that the final product is perfectly integrated with its functions and goes together smoothly. I guarantee that I can transform your exciting ideas into reality.

Vitaliy B.
Experienced senior Engineer
St. Petersburg
I am an experienced senior engineer who has advanced knowledge of Dassault Systemes’ SolidWorks and Delcam Powermill. I have made many projects using SolidWorks for more than 10 years. I have proven credentials and skills in sheet metal, dies, casting molds and mechanical projects.

Rain H.
Engineering/3D visualization.
I can create mechanical solutions such as 2D and 3D drawings, visualizations, CNC-files based on SolidWork. I have in-depth experience in developing sawmill conveyors projects. I have extensive knowledge of mechanical (machinery buiding0 and energy (electricity and heat) area.

Hermann F.
I do research, redesigning of existing products and development of new product designs. I have gained 5 years’ experience in using CATIA v5 (while working at Mercedes Benz, Germany) and another 5 years in the practical use of SolidWorks (engineering office, Canada). I also have special knowledge in sheet metal.

Lajko M.
SolidWorks and video editor.
I have skills in SolidWorks and video editing. I have a YouTube channel where I edit and post videos. I am also acquainted with AutoCAD.

Ricardo E.
Electrical Engineer
I am knowledgeable and proficient in blueprint making on AutoCAD 2D, SolidWork, PLC programming, and Electrical Urban Distribution using the National Electrical Code. I am experienced in the modeling of electrical, thermal physic models and mechanical solutions on ANSYS FEM software.