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What Is a Refund?

We have a refund policy that protects every client who places an order with us. We are very transparent and will give you a refund for any of the following reasons:

  • In case there is a complete change in the requirements of the assignment and there is no need to continue with your order any more.
  • If the content you have received has been plagiarised and does not meet your university standards.
  • You do not want us to continue with processing the order because of some miscellaneous reasons.
  • You feel that our service does not suit your requirements and you are not willing to take it anymore.

Types of Refund

SolidWorks assignment help offers two types of refund:

  • Partial refund – Suppose that our experts have worked on part of your assignment then they definitely deserve some payment for their effort. In this scenario, a proportionate amount of the total order will be paid to our experts. The remaining amount will be refunded to the client.
  • Full refund – In case our experts have not put any effort into your assignment then a full refund will be made to the client.

Steps to be followed when applying for a refund

  1. Send us an email along with the details of your refund. You should remember to use the order code as the subject of the email.
  2. Our management team will carry out extensive investigations to determine the credibility of your request. This process can take up to seven days depending on the availability of our panel of experts.
  3. We will resolve the refund dispute and issue a refund if your proof and evidence are convincing. This process should be over in a week. PayPal will take between four to seven days to credit the amount in your respective account.

How Do We Process the Refund Payment?

Your refund will be processed against the order you placed when you were making payment. You will not be required to provide any sensitive information when they request a refund. We use the PayPal gateway which is very secure.

Terms and Conditions of the Refund Process

We consider every requirement submitted to us by the client when they are first placing an order. We are liable for missing any specifications that the client did not provide on time. Many clients often make changes to the requirements even after the order has been placed. This can have negative results because it creates miscommunication and confusion.

You can only request a refund within sixty days after you made the payment. PayPal closes all avenues for processing any refund after 60 days. You will not receive any refund, either partial or in full after that time. We will only make a refund to the person who made the payment as per the refund terms and conditions provided by PayPal.

The decision of SolidWorks assignment help management is final and cannot be subjected to any appeal. You can follow up the dispute with PayPal buyer protection if you are not satisfied with our judgment. Our management will assist PayPal with all the investigations and respect their decision.

If you need a revision to be done on your order then our rework policy applies. You will have 48 hours after receiving the content to send your revision request to our team. We will process your refund request in the same currency you made a payment in. PayPal will also refund all transaction charges they collected when you placed the order.

We came up with these terms and conditions to smoothen the communication between the client and the expert working on the task. The terms and conditions are very vital and will help us deliver exceptional content to the client on time. We want to serve you better. We are open to receiving feedback from you to make our refund process better.

Get in touch with us now if you have any tasks on SolidWorks in which you need expert help. You can email us or chat with our customer representatives. You can place your order now by filling out the form on our webpage.